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J. Glenn Cole Memorial Cross-Section Collection
Glenn Cole

Glenn Cole studied the stratigraphy of northeastern Oklahoma for over 40 years and in that time amassed a monumental collection of cross-sections. After he died in March, 2008 his family donated these to his friends on the Tulsa Geological Society's Stratigraphic Committee who, through the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the Oklahoma City Geological Society, are now bringing them to you.

Because this collection is so large, for easier access it has been divided into three subsets. The vast majority of the logs used are small-scale SP/GR resistivity. The Regional grid (R Series) is composed of NW-SE SW-NE trending cross-sections and is the largest. The remaining cross-sections using small-scale logs are lumped into the Miscellaneous (M Series). Most of these are another grid of N-S E-W oriented cross-sections located in the eastern part of the area covered by the R Series. The M Series also contains many shorter cross sections that were constructed for smaller-scale projects – the most prominent in the Glenn Pool area. The cross-sections using large scale Porosity logs (P Series) are located mostly in Nowata, Craig and Rogers Counties.

For more of Glenn's story and a description of this collection and the work that went into bringing it to you please read the accompanying article from the May, 2011 issue of the Oklahoma City Geological Society's Shale Shaker. Much of the life's work of one of Oklahoma's most outstanding stratigraphers has been preserved. You are now free to agree or disagree with Glenn's picks, exactly as he would have wanted.

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